Anmeldung für Trampolin-Wettkämpfe des SHTV
summersault jumper

To be able to register competitors for trampoline competitions, you need an user name and a password.

If all is set, please logon first.

Otherwise, please register here first.

summersault jumper

1. Kiddy-Klasse 2023 at 6.5.2023 in Husum [announcement paper] [Melden bis 29.04.2023 23:59:59]
Landesmeisterschaften 2023 at 19.5.2023 in Barmstedt [announcement paper]
Landesnachwuchsmeisterschaften 2023 at 3.6.2023 in Geesthacht [announcement paper]
Landesmeisterschaften Synchron 2022 at 17.9.2023 in Norderstedt [announcement paper]
2. Kiddy-Klasse 2023 at 7.10.2023 in Satrup [announcement paper]

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